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Lejaan Size Philosophy: How to Choose the Right One

Lejaan Size Philosophy: How to Choose the Right One

We design all Lejaan collections to meet the unique and individual needs of each home. Not only are quality materials and specialized processing techniques our concern, but we make sure our products easily adapt to everyday situations in the lives of our customers.

For this reason, we’ve put together some practical tips to help you choose the best bed linen set for your bedroom and the right towel size for its intended use. We’ve also added words of advice on our kids’ collections, bath mats and our favourite unisex bathrobes.


To choose the right size bed linen and bed sheets simply take into account the dimensions of your fillers (pillows & duvets) and mattress. If you're not sure of their size, just measure your bed carefully and then compare your result with our bedding size chart.

However, bed linen should not only match the dimensions of fillers (pillows & duvets), but it’s also good to consider its particular setting. For example, lesser bed styles look better in small or dark bedrooms, eliminating a heavyweight appearance.

Single beds look best with a duvet size of 140 × 200 cm and not too many pillows. Two 40 × 60 cm or 50 × 70 cm size pillows is all it needs. Or if you want to replace several pillows for just the one, pick the large 70 × 90 cm pillow. Whatever style you go for, choosing pillows from our Classic High or Comfort Medium collections are sure to bring you cloud-like comfort.

The same philosophy can be applied for double beds. If you sleep in separate duvets, pick either our single classic size covers or our extended length cover (for taller people). For those who like to share their duvet, we recommend a generous tug-of-war-proof size cover of 240×220 cm.

Wherever space and bed size are substantial, let your imagination run wild. King-size beds (200 × 200 cm size mattress), look great with a lot of pillows. To further an elegant style impression, we recommend combining classic pillowcases with oxford (decorative border) pillowcases. When arranging different size pillows for the layered look, use classic style pillowcases for the largest pillows, and oxford pillowcases for the rest. We know from experience, that this is a look well worth it.

Here’s our little tip for double beds with a 180 × 200 cm size mattress: two 70 × 90 cm pillows dressed in classic pillowcases are ideal. If you were to choose oxford (decorative border) pillowcases, they may overhang over the edge of the bed, and make the bed look less put-together. Such a little detail, yet one that can make all the difference!


Babies and toddlers need and deserve a good night's sleep, just as much as adults. Picking the right-sized bedding is the first step towards comfort and peaceful dreams for your little ones. That's why we came up with Lejaan Kids - a children's collection of bed linen, sheets, duvets and pillows that match the shades of our adult size bedding.

We recommend a 90 × 130 cm size duvet cover for babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 years, and a larger 140 × 200 cm size for older kids. As for pillowcases, we suggest babies and toddlers sleep on 45 × 65 cm sized ones. Though there’s more options to choose from for the older kids, make sure to choose an adequately sized pillow, to ensure the fit is not too loose.

Bedsheet sizes of 60 × 120 cm and 70 × 140 cm fit kids’ mattresses with a height of up to 15 cm, all other bedsheet sizes, fit common 18 to 30 cm high mattresses.


All our towel collections offer four standard sizes. So what size is meant for what? The smallest size 40 × 50 cm towel is a great one-use guest towel for hotels or restaurants, or can be used at home as a fingertip towel or used during a skincare routine.

The larger 50 × 100 cm size towel is our obvious hand towel choice. However, it is also suitable for drying hair. It's the ideal size for a comfy and fitting hair turban wrap, especially the lightweight ones (e.g. Playful Cotton collection).

The ideal everyday bath towel size is 70 × 140 cm. It’s the perfect size to wrap up in after taking a shower or bath, thus combining practicality with maximum comfort. Our largest size beach towel of 100 × 180 cm, is a great companion when you’re at a spa, having a massage, off to the sauna or spending time by the pool.

When buying our bath mat, first consider how it will be used in your home. Our Soft Cotton collection bath mats come in two sizes. The larger one (50 × 110 cm) is best suited under a double sink or beside a bathtub, while the smaller one (50 × 60 cm) best suits small bathrooms in front of a sink or shower. If you're looking for a size somewhere between, take a look at our Serious Cotton collection, which comes in a versatile 50 × 80 cm size.


Our bathrobes feature a straight, loose cut and fit all body types. The overall design has many clever little details for a perfect fit. Sleeves feature a loose edge, so can easily be rolled up (and stay rolled up). This way the sleeves are long enough for the full length of (men’s) arms or can be rolled up to suit ones (woman’s) needs.

Even though the cut is straight, we haven’t forgotten about the waist! Our bathrobes feature double belt loops, so you can adjust the belt height to customise your fit. The overall length depends on the size you choose; however, they’re designed to reach approximately below the knee. Furthermore, our robes feature a comfy roomy hood to fit even a high-volume hairstyle.

Our bathrobes come in sizes XS to XL. If you’re still not sure what size bathrobe would fit you best, don’t despair. We’ve put together a size chart for each bathrobe design. This chart gives precise measurements and should rid you of all uncertainty.

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